Posted Oct 14, 2014

Tournaments are a great way to pack in several games in a short time - and offer players the opportunity to work on their skills and get lots of playing time. Plus, the team bonding that occurs on "road trip" tourneys helps build a stronger team... And the players LOVE them!

There are many tournaments all over Oregon for teams to participate in from the Sisters Shootout to the extremely popular (and several weekends) of tourneys in Seaside.  Be sure to reserve your hotel early - or ask your Team Parent if there will be a group rate at one hotel so your team can stay together (or at least as close as possible).  Most tournaments don't announce game times until the last minute, so keeping your kids within check makes it easier for everyone.

These tournaments require additional funds from each player, and your Coach will decide how many tournaments and how much $ is needed.  Some tournaments require medical releases, so be aware and have your information up to date for your Coach.